Mining is one of the Best investments you can make

Mine bitcoin and make 3x, 5x or even up to 13x more than the stock market.

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What is Mining and How does it Work?

Mining is a bunch of super computers solving mathematical problems to confirm transactions, compensated in Bitcoin

In the traditional banking system, when you want to send money to someone else the bank verifies your identity and then checks that you have the funds and the necessary authorisations. It is exactly the same with cryptocurrencies.

Each cryptocurrency has its own algorithm. It is a small manual, kind of like a digital passport. If you want to send one Bitcoin, the transaction will first be sent for verification to a neutral computer that runs a specific software. Just as a bank is paid for the transactions they make, each computer owner who uses their computing power to validate a transaction receives a small percentage.

Mining is the Best Kept Investment Secret

The data shows mining is one of the best investments you can make.

Massive investment companies like Blackrock Capital, the world’s largest asset manager with $9 trillion in assets, invested $400 million in a mining company. Fidelity & Vanguard also joined in on the investment.

Bitcoin mining has been vetted at the highest level and passed with flying colors.

You always hear the financial gurus preaching that holding cash is the worst thing you can do. Inflation absolutely destroys the spending power of cash. It’s critical to get your cash actually working for you and making you money.

But what are the best options for everyone that is not Warren Buffet? Keep cash in a savings account where the average monthly return is 0.06% per month? Invest in a stock market index fund? The S&P 500 got a 0.67% monthly average return over the last 40 years.

Fractional Rig Ownership

Other companies require a six- figure investment to get started. We allow you to sit back and passively earn income.

Our program allows people to buy shares of a miner. You can buy 80%, 60%, 40%, or even just 20%. The choice is yours. We make it accessible for anyone to get involved.

We have options for all budgets, from ~$2k to $1M+. A single miner costs around $12,000 and if your budget is in that range or higher, we can put together a custom package for you. Our fractional ownership program also makes Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone.

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